Our partners

We have teamed up with Brussels cycling players to provide you with advantages and reductions. 

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Your bike repair in just one click. 

With BIKE and REPAIR, you no longer need to travel to repair or maintain your bike. 

In just one click, make an appointment to have your bike repaired by Alex and Thomas.  

You don't feel like moving? The team comes to your home for a free home withdrawal / deposit.  

Through our partnership, repair your bike in one click with a 15% reduction. 

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Insure your bike online has never been easier!

Qover has 2 types of bicycle insurance solutions:


  • theft insurance + 24/7 assistance

  • comprehensive insurance with 24/7 assistance, theft and material damage

A rare guarantee on the market, Qover-me does not apply any depreciation on the value of the bike. Day or night, your bike is insured at all times.

Through our partnership, insure your bike in less than 3 minutes by avoiding paperwork and with a 15% discount.